Website Design

Website Design & Development

Gee Productions creates tailored WordPress websites for small and medium sized businesses. We understand that your website is the central hub for your business, and that everyone needs an online presence in this day and age. Having a responsive and well-designed website is arguably more important for smaller businesses than it is for larger ones, as it’s a prime way of driving traffic and making yourself known.

We’ll develop a website that’s unique for your business and needs. It’ll help to drive web traffic, generate new business, and, most importantly, market your services to a wider audience. All the websites we design are compatible across platforms and offer sleek and innovative designs to help you stand out from the competition. What’s more, we give you the ability to update and maintain content however works best for you. All of this is integrated into the WordPress hub, making it a quick and simple solution for any business.

One of the key aspects of our WordPress website design is that we use templates and plug-ins to ensure everything is accessible and easily upgraded in the future. We also make sure your site is protected against vulnerabilities, keeping both you and your customers safe online. Our dedicated team will remain on hand in the future to help you with any maintenance and upgrade work, and we’ll work closely with you during the initial design process to ensure you have the perfect website for your needs.

Our Websites Include

Custom Design

A design to fit your brand.


Copy that's optimized for search engine results.

Responsive Design

Your site will perform well on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Social Media

All your social media accounts integrated to your website.

WordPress Support

Updates, Fixes & Security.


Premium hosting with 99% uptime.

Our Process


Things kick off when you submit the online request form. This will be passed through to our team and you’ll receive a call from one of our designers, either Javi Gonzalez or Eli Gonzalez. The purpose of this call will be to gather more information about your website and what you want from the design. We’ll also arrange another phone call or a Zoom video call for the next meeting.


Once we have all the information we need, we’ll put together a detailed proposal of our plan of action. This will come to you in writing and will include the project’s scope, services, cost, and timeline. We’ll send this proposal to you via email and discuss it either over the phone or on a video call.


As soon as you’re happy with the proposal, we’ll both sign a copy of the digital agreement. This is when we require the deposit from you, as stated in the website proposal.

We begin designing

During the initial design process we’ll settle on things such as color palette, concept, navigation, page layout and structure for your new website. Gee Productions will design at least the home page, if not another page too, for your website so you can see how it’ll look. We use Responsive Web Design to ensure your website will look perfect on all devices of all sizes. This process usually takes 2 to 4 weeks from concept to approval. After you’ve confirmed the design, any further changes may result in additional charges.

Development and content production

Once we’ve settled on the design, our team will begin building the website and ensuring it functions correctly. We’ll build each page and fill them with the required content: text, pictures, links, forms, and so on. We use WordPress to do this because its wide range of plugins allow for very flexible functionality. This process usually takes between 6 and 12 weeks depending on the scope, complexity, our workload, and how easily we can communicate with the client during development.

Search engine optimization

While we develop content for your website we’ll also be ensuring it’s entirely optimized for search engines. This will help your new website to rank well in your chosen niche, and we focus on organic rankings. Organic rankings are decided by how well your website is built and how it functions, so we ensure this is done to the best of our ability.


After finishing development, we’ll arrange a video call to review the website. This will allow us to create a final checklist to complete any minor changes before we schedule your launch date.


After making these small changes and confirming completion of the website, it’s time to launch! Gee Productions will guide you through the process of transferring the domain to you, along with setting up email services as needed.