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Local Search Engine
Optimization Services

Gee Productions offers local search engine optimization for small and medium sized businesses. Often, it can be difficult for smaller businesses to make themselves known online, particularly in their local area. Well that’s where we come in!

We’ll begin by making sure your whole website is optimized for search engines. This involves making sure each page is clear, informative, and can be easily indexed by search engines. While this is true for any search engine optimization, the key to local optimization is in the small details.

After designing a website that’s easily understood and indexed by Google and other engines, we ensure it’s clearly targeted to your local markets. This process involves keyword and market research, which is all part of the package. We base our design and optimization around improving your search rankings organically, which takes time, but delivers much better results.

Once we’ve effectively analyzed your keywords and markets, we turn them into the best copy you could need. Organic search engine ranking is based on clear and effective website copy, and this is something we promise to deliver. Importantly, we insert keywords based on your local business niche to ensure you rank better when people make these searches.

Gee Productions stays up to date with all the latest developments in local search engine optimization, including keyword insertion and monitoring and reporting. We continue to analyze your website data to make sure we’re doing everything possible to get you in the best spot for your business.

Local search engine optimization is a key driver of web traffic for small and medium local businesses. Gee Productions ensures your business ranks well on search engines, but also has a website that provides valuable information to your target market. Contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help your business improve its online rankings.