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It's A Family Thing

Hola Familia!

My name is Javi Gonzalez and I’m the founder of Gee Productions. We are located in San Diego, CA. Our team is composed of two people; my lovely wife Eli and I.

Gee Productions wasn’t always a web design studio; in fact, I started Gee Productions back in 2003 as a DJ and later a music producer by the name of Javi Gee (I still produce music as a hobby). I wanted to learn how to promote my music so I picked up a design class that helped me create my logo, business cards and website. I fell in love with the creative process and wanted to help others do the same with their businesses.

My wife Eli and I married in 2005! We both had full time jobs. I worked as a web designer at a local newspaper and didn’t have much time to grow my business so I placed Gee Productions on hold. Fast forward to 2008 the recession hit. Shortly after i lost my job, Eli could no longer work, and we lost our home. We felt devastated. I couldn’t find any work and unemployment benefits wasn’t enough at times. I would ask myself, “why me, why us?” In all honesty I had to reevaluate my priorities. I made great efforts to draw closer to my creator Jehovah and cultivate gratitude. It was a process but thanks to the help of my wife, family and friends I was back on my feet. And in 2010 Gee Productions was reborn!

Our mission is to help businesses embrace change, grow and reach their goals and ideal clients through brand strategy and design.

We look forward to helping you find purpose to your brand and confidently connecting with your ideal customers.


Javi Gonzalez

Creative Directory | Brand Strategy & Identity Design

Javi Gonzalez - Gee Productions

Eli Gonzalez

graphic design | content creator

Eli G - Gee Productions


North Park, San Diego, CA.


Web Design • Branding • Social Media • Digital Marketing • Video Production


Producing Music • Basketball • Cooking • DIY Projects

Favorite Websites

jw.org • espn.com • amazon.com