Hello friends! This is Javi & Eli Gonzalez. We want to thank you for considering us as your next web & graphic designers.

GEE PRODUCTIONS is composed of my beautiful wife Eli and of her smart & handsome husband…me. Ok, I’m not that smart, but I”m definitely handsome 😉

Over the past 7 years we’ve had the joy in helping clients who are just starting out and need a web presence… to established corporations who need to boost their image and brand themselves.

If you have a business then you need a logo, website, business cards and social media marketing. We can do it all!


We are located in North Park,  San Diego, CA.


Over 7 Years of Web & Graphics

Social Media Marketing

2 Years of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube


5 Years of Video & Audio Editing

Equipment: MAC 6-Core Intel Xeon, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro X, AudioBox USB, AKG Condesner Mic, Sennheiser Studio Headphones, BX5a Monitors

Hobbies & Interests 

Sports: Basketball & Soccer

Spending time with family & friends

Teach free Bible courses

Favorite Website